Which Australian Suburb is Booming In The Property Market?

Which Australian Suburb is Booming In The Property Market?

In the wake of a notable rebound in the property market, this article provides an analytical and data-driven insight into the hot suburbs to watch. Sydney, a frontrunner in the national recovery, is predicted to see a moderate growth of 2-5% per year.

Meanwhile, Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs have reopened post-pandemic, offering attractive opportunities for homebuyers. From Gordon's thriving professional community to Glenorie's tranquil semi-rural lifestyle, and the diverse options in Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs, this analysis aims to guide buyers in maximizing opportunities in the rebounding market.

Key Takeaways

  • Sydney is leading the national property market rebound.
  • Melbourne remains one of the most liveable cities in the world.
  • Gordon offers wide tree-lined streets, great schools, and a 30-minute commute to the CBD.
  • Glenorie is a small, tranquil suburb with a relaxed semi-rural lifestyle and a strong equestrian community.

Sydney: Leading the Boom

Sydney is spearheading the resurgence of the property market, emerging as the frontrunner in the national rebound. After experiencing a rapid decline of 13.8% in home values between January 2022 and January 2023, Sydney is now re-entering a period of normal market conditions.

The outlook for Sydney's property market is optimistic, with expectations of 2-5% growth per year. This positive trend can be attributed to several factors, including strong demand from buyers, low interest rates, and a recovering economy.

Additionally, Sydney's status as a global city and its attractive lifestyle offerings further contribute to its appeal. As the market continues to recover, it is essential for investors and homebuyers to closely monitor Sydney's property market and seize the opportunities it presents.

Melbourne and Surrounds: Post-Pandemic Opportunities

What post-pandemic opportunities are emerging in Melbourne and its surrounding areas? Here are some key areas to watch:

  • Flemington: This suburb offers inner city convenience at an attractive price point. With its proximity to the CBD and a median house price of $760,000, it is an appealing option for homebuyers.

  • Point Cook: Popular among families, Point Cook boasts a thriving community and good road and rail links. Its median house price of $760,000 makes it an affordable choice for those looking for a suburban lifestyle.

  • Spotswood: Known for its multicultural community, Spotswood offers easy access to the CBD via road and rail links. It is a vibrant area with a range of amenities and is becoming increasingly sought after.

  • Gordon: With its wide tree-lined streets and Federation homes, Gordon is an attractive suburb for many homebuyers. It offers great schools, a large professional community, and an easy 30-minute commute to the CBD.

These areas present post-pandemic opportunities in Melbourne and its surrounds, catering to a range of lifestyles and budgets.

Gordon: A Hidden Gem for Homebuyers

Gordon offers homebuyers a hidden gem with its wide tree-lined streets and attractive Federation homes. This suburb, located in Sydney, provides a unique combination of charm, convenience, and value.

One of the key attractions of Gordon is its access to excellent schools, which is a significant factor for families looking to settle in the area. Additionally, Gordon boasts a large professional community, creating a vibrant atmosphere and a strong sense of community.

With its own shopping village, residents have easy access to amenities and services. Furthermore, Gordon's location offers a convenient 30-minute commute to the CBD, making it an ideal choice for those who work in the city.

Overall, Gordon presents a compelling opportunity for homebuyers seeking a desirable suburb with a range of appealing features.

Glenorie: Tranquility and Semi-Rural Living

Offering a peaceful and semi-rural lifestyle, Glenorie provides residents with tranquility and a sense of serenity. Situated just 44km from the bustling CBD, this small suburb boasts proximity to major shopping hubs, making it an attractive option for those seeking a slower pace of life without sacrificing convenience.

Glenorie is characterized by its family-dominated community, with no apartments and instead, large forever-style houses situated on generous acreages. Residents of Glenorie also benefit from a strong equestrian community, with regular horse and pony club events held in the area.

Living in Glenorie allows residents to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while still enjoying easy access to essential amenities and a close-knit community.

Brisbane and Gold Coast Suburbs: Olympic and Coastal Appeal

Additionally, Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs have garnered attention for their Olympic and coastal appeal in the property market rebound. Hamilton, located in Brisbane, is set to be transformed into the athletes village for the 2032 Olympics as part of the Northshore Hamilton development.

This has sparked interest and investment in the area, as buyers see the potential for growth and development in the lead-up to the games. Another Brisbane suburb, Albion, offers historical charm along with trendy cafes and easy access to the CBD, making it an attractive choice for buyers.

On the Gold Coast, Southport offers a similar coastal lifestyle to other popular areas at a more affordable price point, attracting buyers who are looking for a beachside lifestyle without breaking the bank. Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast is also gaining popularity, with its relaxed beachside atmosphere and appeal to families and surfers.

These suburbs present a unique combination of Olympic potential and coastal living, making them hotspots to watch in the property market rebound.

Investment Hotspots: Where to Watch for Growth

Potential investors should focus their attention on identifying emerging investment hotspots that show promising growth prospects in the property market rebound. Here are four areas to watch for potential growth:

  • Redfern: Located just south of the Sydney CBD, Redfern has seen significant gentrification in recent years. With its vibrant arts scene, trendy cafes, and proximity to the city, Redfern has become a sought-after suburb for young professionals and investors alike. The median house price in Redfern has increased by 12% in the past year, indicating strong growth potential.

  • Maribyrnong: Situated just 8km from Melbourne's CBD, Maribyrnong is experiencing a surge in popularity due to its riverside location and close proximity to major amenities. The median house price in Maribyrnong has risen by 15% in the last 12 months, reflecting strong demand from buyers and investors.

  • Pimpama: As one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the Gold Coast, Pimpama offers attractive investment opportunities. With its affordable property prices, proximity to major infrastructure projects, and projected population growth, Pimpama is poised for significant capital appreciation in the coming years.

  • North Lakes: Located in the Moreton Bay region of Brisbane, North Lakes has emerged as a thriving residential and commercial hub. With its excellent amenities, including shopping centers, schools, and recreational facilities, North Lakes has become a popular choice for families and investors. The suburb has experienced steady growth, with the median house price increasing by 8% over the past year.

Investors should carefully analyze market trends, consider future development plans, and evaluate the potential for capital growth before making investment decisions in these hotspots.

Tips for Buyers: Maximizing Opportunities in the Booming Property Market

Buyers can capitalize on the rebounding property market by implementing strategic measures to seize advantageous opportunities. In a market that is showing signs of recovery, it is crucial for buyers to make informed decisions based on analytical insights and data-driven research.

One tip for buyers is to closely monitor the leading markets, such as Sydney, where home values have fallen rapidly but are now re-entering a period of normal market conditions. Another strategy is to explore suburbs like Flemington in Melbourne, which offers inner city convenience at an attractive price point, or Gordon in Sydney, where buyers can find better value compared to neighboring areas like Killara.

Additionally, suburbs like Glenorie, with its relaxed semi-rural lifestyle and strong equestrian community, can provide unique opportunities for buyers seeking a tranquil environment within proximity to major amenities. By staying informed and strategically navigating the rebounding market, buyers can maximize their chances of securing a favorable property investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected the Property Market in Sydney and Melbourne?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the property markets in Sydney and Melbourne. Both cities experienced a sharp decline in home values, but are now showing signs of recovery and returning to normal market conditions.

What Are Some Factors That Make Gordon an Attractive Suburb for Homebuyers?

Gordon is an attractive suburb for homebuyers due to its wide tree-lined streets, Federation homes, and proximity to great schools. It has a large professional community, its own shopping village, and provides an easy 30-minute commute to the CBD.

Are There Any Specific Amenities or Features That Set Glenorie Apart From Other Suburbs?

Glenorie stands out from other suburbs with its tranquil semi-rural lifestyle, large forever-style houses on generous acreages, and strong equestrian community. It offers proximity to major shopping hubs and is a family-dominated suburb with no apartments.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Investing in Property in Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

Investing in property in Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers potential benefits such as the upcoming 2032 Olympics in Northshore Hamilton, historical charm and CBD accessibility in Albion, coastal living and recreational facilities in Clontarf, and a relaxed beachside lifestyle in Coolum Beach.

What Tips or Strategies Can Buyers Use to Take Advantage of the Rebounding Property Market?

Buyers looking to take advantage of the rebounding property market can consider strategies such as thorough market research, seeking professional advice, and targeting suburbs with growth potential. It is crucial to analyze market trends and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.


In conclusion, the property market rebound in Sydney and Melbourne presents attractive opportunities for homebuyers and investors. With Sydney leading the national recovery, moderate growth of 2-5% per year is predicted.

Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs offer post-pandemic opportunities, while Gordon provides a hidden gem for homebuyers with excellent schools and a thriving professional community. Glenorie offers a peaceful semi-rural lifestyle, and Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs offer a range of lifestyle options.

Overall, these hot suburbs are worth watching for potential growth and investment opportunities.

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